What we do

Dr Nikunj Trivedi has established Arti Clinic in 1980. From 1980 to 2004 Art clinic was based in India- Gujarat & from 2004 he has established Arti Clinic in England.

Dr. Nikunj Trivedi is Clinical Homeopath with over 39 years of clinical experience. Clinical Homeopaths diagnose patients and prescribe remedies by clinical evaluation of condition of the patient. This clinical approach evaluates the underlying and connecting causes of the patient’s condition. Clinical Homeopaths believe that Homeopathy method of treatment builds on medical training and therefore combine conventional treatment and homeopathy treatment when it is in the interest of the patient.

Because of modern scientific approach of Homeopathic Treatment Dr Nikunj & Dr Amita could achieve good results  

Dr Nikunj Trivedi’s Treatment Protocols is a new method of homeopathic treatment he has developed with years of clinical practice where diseases are diagnosed using modern medical tests and related clinical examination to check deranged pathology. This helps to select particular medicine

Disease + Symptomology Specific Clinical Examination  Find Deranged Pathology with help of Modern Medical Tests  selection of combination of remedies Restoring Abnormal Pathology cure / Relief

Dr Nikunj Trivedi’s protocol of treatment is not classical homeopathy. He prescribes combination of remedies with same potency based on patient’s constitution and using his clinical experience and observation. His prescriptions are customised for each patient. Dr Nikunj Trivedi’s Protocol is scientific, based on modern diagnostic tests so it helps to restore abnormal pathology to normal quickly. Patients don’t have to take treatment for long period of time.

Dr Nikunj Trivedi is clinical homeopath. After consultation he prescribes combination remedies on based various physical & mental symptoms of an illness including likes & dislikes of the patient. All his prescriptions are customized. We dispense Medicine to our registered patients only. We will not be able to dispense any medicine without consultation

Student training is key part of Arti Clinic. As Dr Nikunj has developed new method of Homeopathy Treatment he enjoys teaching student homeopaths to practice evidence based homeopathy. Dr Nikunj has started Arti’s Advanced Clinical Homeopathy Centre at Leicester- England & in India, Gujarat.

Arti’s Advanced Clinical Homeopathy Centre carries out clinical training programme in UK & India where Homeopathy student can learn clinical skills- History taking, Clinical observation, Case analysis, repertorization.

In 2015 Jan-Feb First group of homeopaths from UK were taken to India in collaboration with HMA-UK.


Leading HMA Group to Clinical Training to India


Charity project Homeopathic Awareness


I have Completed 35 years of Clinical practice on 24th Aug 2015. I am really enjoying practicing, teaching, treating and also making people aware about Homeopathy, as I believe, “Help ever-Hurt never.”

During end of August one evening after my clinic I was still in my Office working on my new book project; I received a phone call from Mrs Hetal Vyas president of “SHIV- SHAKTI” group. “SHIV- SHAKTI” is a social cum charity group of ladies based in Leicester, who love to gain basic knowledge about Health, Homeopathy & Fitness. Mrs Vyas requested me to talk about Homeopathy at their next group meeting on Thursday!! It was very short notice for me. My clinic is closed for patients on Thursday but I do have teaching sessions for student homeopaths. I was invited in the evening so I can be present at the event after my teaching session and I decided to go to promote Homeopathy to create an awareness in general public through social group.

I went with my wife Dr. Amita. Shiv Shakti group is Leicester based group, so significant members recognised us because my Homeopathy practice has grown bigger by word of mouth. I always givenenough time to my patients to explain about healthy diet & disease prevention. It has been said” prevention is always better than cure”. After short introduction about Homeopathy I explain everyone about importance of Homeopathy consultation by one simple case study of Leukoderma. (Vitiligo).

I discussed a case of Importance of Mental symptoms in Homeopathy.

Young lady came to my clinic for 14 years old girl. Girl had leukoderma-Vitiligo, since she was at the age of six. She was taking conventional medicine orally & applying ointment advised by dermatologist but they could not see any result. Clinical examination was ok. Girl was looking healthy, no iron deficiency, and no any signs of worm infestations. Apart from few patches, her skin was healthy. I ask her mum about when she could notice first patch & how it started? During history taking, about her family her mum requested young innocent girl to sit in waiting area with her Aunty & her mum told me very sad story…

She told me that she was fine when her dad was with us. The Couple were working parent with this little girl, enjoying happy family life. Girl was very close with her dad. One day, dad took time off just to stay with daughter during her school holiday. Girl & her dad were alone in their home & they were playing. Dad gave colouring book & asks daughter that he will come back soon as he needs toilet. Girl was enjoying colouring & after long time when she could not see her dad, so she got panic and frightened. She just saw the door was open – her dad was collapsed in toilet. She started crying & called neighbours as her mum was at work. By the time mum was also called but little girl lost her lovely dad because of massive Heart attack.

For this little girl, I explained my treatment plan to her mum & I gaveIgnatia -200 considering, first importance to the root cause of this tragic incident manifested on her skin. As she was taking treatment from dermatologist, for couple of weeks– I treated her for Bad Effect of Shock,helpless ness and hopelessness then her symptom of Leukoderma. She responded very nicely & her skin was normal in couple of weeks.The conclusion of this discussion is Homeopathy treatment treats ROOT cause of disease and sometime does show quick results & it all requires detailed analysis, evaluation and experience with physiological restoration of an abnormal pathology.