The Arti clinic saved my life suffering menopause and thyroid symptoms for many years no one would listen the Arti clinic has listened helped and gave me my life back I can’t believe the above review I have been treated respectfully and listened too at all times truly an amazing clinic I would recommend anyone too I was in a desperate situation now I live life to the full thanks to the Arti clinic whom I owe my life too.

- Orla Murphy

I would call Homeopathy a miracle; as it cures any problems there may be which other medicine can’t even imagine understand and treat easily without any kind of side effects. I have been suffering from depression and literally thought there isn’t any cure. I remember when my husband took me to Arti Clinic, I literally try to run away from the reception without seeing the doctor: D However, as soon as I saw him and he started talking to me, I felt confidence and took his medicine and for my amazement, the medicine really did work. Now I am totally different person, full of self-esteem and positiveness; nothing negative bothers me anymore. Truly I cannot thank enough Dr Trivedi for diagnosing my problems and curing them miraculously. No doubt I got a new life. Thank you so much Doctor.

- Shama Leicester

Hello I have seen Dr nikunj for 5 year old daughter. Who has been dragged from pillar to post with the GP s and specialists mid diagnosing her as asthmatic and we have been having severe health problems for 4 years but as soon as we saw Dr nikunj after two days of his medication my daughters condition is very poorly and after that it stated to get better and now after three weeks she is like a different child she doesnt use Her inhalers or ceteazine like she used to use them daily. I could not thank him enough for his good work and I would recommend him to anyone.

- Mr Kiran Kurra

I can’t thank Dr. Trivedi and Mrs. Trivedi enough for their exceptional help and treatment which
made my one year old a very happy baby. Being a first-time mother, I was very worried about her health. I googled for clinics around Leicester and called up Mrs. Trivedi for an appointment. She was very kind to give an appointment to my then 7 months old daughter. Dr. Trivedi has found out the trouble within no time. I have already told many of my friends around England. He is more than a doctor. He always gives excellent advice on how to feed children as well. Can’t thank him enough
for all his support.

- Swaroopa Pantangi Leicester

My son, age 12, had been suffering for many years with stomach problems and it got to the point
when my GP and I were thinking it could be IBS. I heard of Arti Clinic and made an appointment immediately. In the 1st consultation, within 10 mins, Dr.Nikunj diagnosed his ailment. He spent a full hour with us and explained in detail the diagnosis. Dr. Trivedi had also picked up on other ailments like hay fever, which he said he will treat together with his stomach issues. He ruled out IBS and started my son on a course of homeopathic tablets. 4 weeks into his treatment, I can confidently say that his symptoms have totally disappeared! My son is on the tail end of the medication now with only 2 weeks to go, and all in all with 6 weeks of treatment, he is free from hayfever and his bowels have settled. I hope this will continue now and free my son of the discomfort and my worry. I was skeptical at first, but since I was willing to
try anything, I made the call to the clinic – its the best thing I did for me and my son. Dr.Nikunj Trivedi treats you like you are the only patient he is treating! The time and care he gives, his calm and accommodating personality proves that he is genuine and his ultimate goal is to treat and cure his patients

- Rinku

My health was really bad and the doctors tried everything and still I was not getting any better. This is when somebody recommended Arti Clinic to me. At first I was not sure about this but as I visited the doctor and explained my circumstances, he listened and gave me medication according to my health. With his treatment my health has started to get better and I get answers which justifies the symptoms I am getting. I havent felt this good about my health since last year. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who does not get any answers from their local GP
even though they have tried their best to find solutions.

- Ms Shaikh