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Dr Nikunj Trivedi is a medically qualified Homeopath. He has been practicing homeopathy since 1980. He was awarded Gold medal form his University in recognition of his academic achievement. Nikunj Trivedi has exceptional clinical knowledge and skill.

During first consultation, we take detailed history of patient’s physical symptoms & psychological symptoms. As Nikunj Trivedi has worked in all medical branches during his study in Homeopathy, he always emphasises on the importance to normal physiology to deranged pathology. (mentioned in Organon of medicine). In Homeopathy, treatment is based on precise detail of various symptoms from which an individual patient suffers. At first consultation patient spends at least an hour sometimes longer, asking detail about patient’s medical history, lifestyle. Some questions may seem strange but it is important to answer every question. Homeopathy medicines are available for many conditions;however, identification of the illness is important for treatment. We recommend the patient should always consultant qualified homeopath before taking any Homeopathy medicine.

Subsequent consultation will involve patient discussing changes that have occurred with homeopathic prescription. We will explain to the patient how they have responded to medicine and what is the next step of treatment will be.
We dedicate ample of time to each patient, thus making everyone who visits us feel valued. This encourages our clients to recommend us to others.
Arti Clinic is based in Leicester (East Midlands) in the heart of country. This means that we are very well placed
and easily accessible.

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About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine. Homeopathy as it is practised today was established in the late
18th & early 19th century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy is based on three principles:

How to take Homeopathy Medicine?

Please do not use Homeopathy as replacement for proven care or to postpone to seeing your GP for your medical problem.