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Aim to start Advance clinical Homeopathy course.

Homeopathy, as it is practised today was established in the late18th and early 19th century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He was qualified Medical Doctor.Diseases are defined as an unhealthy state of body or mind with typical symptoms, which are induced by an infective agent. According to Dr Hahnemann, “He is likewise a preserver of health if he knows the things that can derange health and cause disease, and how to remove them from persons in health”

Dr. Nikunj Trivedi, a Clinical Homeopath started his clinical practice in 1980. Clinical Homeopaths diagnose patients and prescribe remedies by clinical evaluation of condition of the patient. This clinical approach evaluates the underlying and connecting causes of the patient’s condition. Clinical Homeopaths believe that Homeopathy method of treatment builds on medical training. Clinical Homeopaths believe that there is no problem to combine conventional treatment and homeopathy treatment when it is in the interest of the patient. Clinical Homeopaths would think that if patient has diabetes patient should take conventional medicine to control blood sugar, but they will prescribe medication that pins the side effects of therapy and to improve the quality of patient’s health. Unlike Clinical Homeopath, Classical Homeopaths completely reject conventional treatment.

In over 38 years of clinical practice, Dr Nikunj Trivedi has developed Dr. Nikunj Trivedi’s Treatment Protocols, an innovative method of Homeopathy treatment where Dr. Trivedi suggests medical tests and related clinical examinations to investigate the patient’s condition and prescribes Homeopathy remedies based on the results of the clinical tests.

Outline of Dr Nikunj Trivedi’s Protocol of Homeopathy Treatment

Disease + Symptomology Specific Clinical Examination → Find Deranged Pathology with help of Modern Medical Tests → Selection of combination of remedies Restoring Abnormal Pathology →Cure / Relief

About Arti’s Advance Clinical Homeopathy Centre

Dr. Nikunj Trivedi at Arti’s Advance Clinical Homeopathy Center has combines his in-depth clinical knowledge with a detailed understanding of Homeopathy. He believes that it is becoming progressively more important to have a broad understanding of many key aspects of conventional medicine to become a safe and effective Clinical Homeopathy Practitioner. Students and Professionals who wish to run a Clinical Homeopathic Practice need a sound knowledge and understanding of Human Anatomy, Physiology  and Pathology as a part of their advanced training.

Advance Clinical Training Course aims to provide an overview of the importance of Clinical investigations in making decisions on conventional diagnosis, prognosis and treatments. This would enable clinical homeopaths to explain their homeopathic treatment plan to patients with confidence, decide when to re-prescribe a remedy, or when to refer the patient to another health professional. Furthermore, it also enables the Homeopaths to present their patient case results with confidence for Medical scrutiny.

Dr. Nikunj Trivedi’s Advance Clinical Training Course

Course Duration: 26 weeks (6 months)

Lectures: Fortnightly (2nd and 4th Saturday) at Arti Clinic -Leicester-UK

Advance Clinical training course designed for Professional development.  The course will provide an overview of the clinical examination of common conditions, to identify deranged pathology and suggest a selection of remedies.

Course Overview

  • Clinical Homeopathy: Significance Clinical Examinations
  • Overview of Pathophysiology of common (GI / Respiratory) conditions
  • Interpretation of Pathology reports: A Clinical Homeopath’s view
  • Characteristics of each Miasm, Correlation of Miasm and Pathology.
  • Asking the right questions: Patient Case Taking
  • Clinical examination skills of Gastro-intestinal system, Respiratory system and General Medicine

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