My son, age 12, had been suffering for many years with stomach problems and it got to the point
when my GP and I were thinking it could be IBS. I heard of Arti Clinic and made an appointment immediately. In the 1st consultation, within 10 mins, Dr.Nikunj diagnosed his ailment. He spent a full hour with us and explained in detail the diagnosis. Dr. Trivedi had also picked up on other ailments like hay fever, which he said he will treat together with his stomach issues. He ruled out IBS and started my son on a course of homeopathic tablets. 4 weeks into his treatment, I can confidently say that his symptoms have totally disappeared! My son is on the tail end of the medication now with only 2 weeks to go, and all in all with 6 weeks of treatment, he is free from hayfever and his bowels have settled. I hope this will continue now and free my son of the discomfort and my worry. I was skeptical at first, but since I was willing to
try anything, I made the call to the clinic – its the best thing I did for me and my son. Dr.Nikunj Trivedi treats you like you are the only patient he is treating! The time and care he gives, his calm and accommodating personality proves that he is genuine and his ultimate goal is to treat and cure his patients