Homeopathy for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction refers to the inability to achieve orgasm with adequate stimulation resulting in either delayed ejaculation or no ejaculation. ED is however different to impotence.


The Latin term” impotentia coeundi “describes simple inability to insert the penis into the vagina. Mostly such condition is due to psychological causes. It is a sexual dysfunction in male that involves an inability to achieve or maintain an erection, sufficient to perform sexual intercourse. The cause may be physiological or psychological: among the most common causes are anxiety, stress and emotional conflicts.


    1. Lifelong: The dysfunction has always been present.
    2. Acquired: At some point, person is able to function without dysfunction.
    3. Situational or Conditional: The dysfunction occurs in some situations or in
  1. Generalized: The dysfunction occurs regardless of the situation.

After understanding the above stated causes, now we apply the knowledge of Homeopathy to the disease condition of the patients.


Role of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is entirely different in approach from most medical care system based upon a law of similar in a healthy person will cure the same set of symptoms. In every case, Homeopath looks at everything that is going on in the patient’s life based upon a “totality of symptoms”, Homeopath is covering all the aspect of positive, negative, emotional, sentimental and latent (suppressed) sides of personality.

Usually, I begin with administering Nux vomica, to most of my patients, to overcome the Bad-effects of Coffee, Tobacco, Alcoholic stimulant, highly spiced or seasoned food, over-eating, long continued mental over exertion, stress and sedentary life style, loss of sleep etc. which has become a part of modern hurried and worried life.

According to Boericke:

Mild: Very Irritable, Sensitive to all impression, ugly malicious, cannot bare or tolerate noises, odors, light etc.

According to Nash:

Very particular careful, zealous person, inclined to get excited and angry or of a spiteful, malicious disposition.

On over all analysis, all our great Homeopaths have clearly drawn the picture of present personal condition of azospermic and oligospermic patients in their observations.


To rule the conditions like Azospermia, Oligospermia, the following medicines must be thought of –


  1. Agnus Castus: By relieving mental depression, it corrects the desire and improves the functional impotence
  2.  Anacardium Orientalis: Dual personality, Lack of self confidence with severe depression associated with impaired memory
  3.  Argentum Nitricum: Very Apprehensive from the first night of marriage, fearful and nervous, leading to pre mature ejaculations.”Erection fails when coition attempted”.
  4. Caladium: Excellent for smokers & Tobacco chewers. Increases the sperm count rapidly in smokers and Tobacco Chewers-Eaters.
  5.  Conium Mac: Testicular injury Hydrocele, Varicocele, orchitis effects of suppressed sexual appetite.
  6.  Dioscoria: Suits very well to Tea – Drinkers.
  7.  Phosphoric Acid: Excellently giving results in Oligo-asthenospermia.It increases the motility of sperms. It increases the Acrosomal activity of the Sperm (Motility).
  8. Titanium: Too early ejaculation
  9. Tribulus Terrestris: A very good medicine for patient at mid 40’s having a partial impotence caused by overindulgence of advancing age.
  10. Lycopodium: Proved its great value in sexual dysfunction. (Acquired and situational).Very effective in premature ejaculations!
  11. Tinospora Cardifolia(2X)This medicine proves its great value in Anti-Sperm Anti Body positive cases.
  12. Orchitinum: Azoospermia
  13. Mangifera: Varicocele
  14. Potas Xanthae: Impotence



The above stated Homeopathic Remedies provides a quick tour of the male infertility therapeutic.