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Dr. Nikunj has been practicing Clinical Homeopathy since 1980 and is an internationally acclaimed Homeopathic Clinician. He is well known for his “Arti Clinic” in India and in UK.
His practical, thematic, scientific, clinical approach to Materia- Medica always reflects with groundbreaking ideas for his visionary way of its Homeopathic Applications
The Author, Nikunj, since 1980 he is in clinical practice. Till 2004 he was in India having a private in-patient Homeopathic Hospital. From 2004 onwards he settled inEngland and is in Full time practice, is a globally renowned Homeopathic Clinician by profession. He has always been interested in application of material medica inreproductive clinical conditions.
Working intensively in Gynaec and Obstetric branch , he developed the comparative and clinical skill to understand its clinical applications of Homeopathic materia medica, which inspired him to explore the unseen and latent potential of Homeopathy having a psycho somatic origin, where conventional medicine having its own limitations.
Working intensively in Gynaec-Obstetric Dept. made him to unveil the unseen and latent potentials of Homeopathy to practice on certain clinical conditions, having a psycho-somatic origin and its manifestations, with its limited but perfect applications.
He is committed to individuality, simplicity, clarity and perfection. Out of ‘work’, Nikunj enjoys reading, writing poetry, listening Music -ghazals and relaxing with his wife and family.


This Book is an adventurous effort to convert and compare the symptoms in to clinical conditions and it would be extremely useful to experienced homeopaths and students on symptom conversion and evaluation of importance of clinical aspects of Materia -Medica .His deep insights have profoundly affected the way many homeopaths wants to practice today as a successful Homeopath to prove clinical results of Homeopathy.
Some of the clinical applications that Nikunj has brought, include: searching for the central disturbance within the individual due to psycho-somatic factors, expanding the concept and spectrum of miasmatic classification reflecting on reproductive aspect with the help of Materia -Medica.
This well written and well presented new adventurous concept of this Book contains “the well known verified characteristic symptoms of all our medicines “from Boerick Materia Medica , as said by William Boericke, in his Materia Medica in a clinical application forms.

Repertory of Infertility


Sperm Disorders and Homeopathy


Materia Medica of sexual disorders


Radar Opus – World’s FIRST Repertory of Infertility

Radar Opus is a unique artistic Homeopathic work especially on large scale collaborated and contributed by world’s prominent Homeopaths in their Homeopathic specialisation. Radar Opus homeopathic software is unique – a Single Intuitive Interface for everything a busy homeopath needs: Repertory, Materia Medica, Patient Files, linking all types of information with built-in web-browser! All the essentials combined in a single homeopathic revolutionary software program – designed since 1982.

Dynamic and enthusiastic council officer of HMA, Dr. Nikunj Trivedi is one of the collaborator to fulfil the gap by creating world’s first “Repertory of Infertility” which has been now integrated with Radar Opus and available to use. HMA is proud for him having an asset on its council.
His contribution to Radar Opus 1.43 is incredible for Homeopathic world, as he wrote and developed, first time in Homeopathic world the “Repertory of Infertility” and “Materia Medica of Sexual Disorders”-has been integrated to Radar Opus 1.43 Homeopathic software.

Repertory of Infertility will offer a simplification of the disease and Clinical conditions and its therapeutics in our routine practice, makes easier for selecting right remedy. Dr. Nikunj has been involved in treating Infertility and Chronic cases with his wide experience of modern medical investigations, combining with Homeopathic totality to prove the effectiveness to restore the abnormal pathology to normal physiology. In his career of 36 years, he has treated wide spectrum of patients from all over the world and given numerous lectures at various institutes. In addition to this, Nikunj’s articles are regularly published in various Homeopathy journals. Nikunj specialises in treating fertility problems and chronic diseases and has authored couple of books on the subject.

Dr. Nikunj Trivedi practices Homeopathy since August 1980 with full-fledged Homeopathic Indoor Hospital till 2004. He was affiliated with RK Homeopathic College in Anand, Gujarat India.
With his vast clinical experience in Gynaecology and Obstetrics, he practices in Infertility On both Male and Female problems. When he was in India, he invented a technique to open a blocked fallopian tube with Intra-Uterine use of Homeopathic Remedies.
His publications related to Infertility are:

He regularly teaches “Clinical Homeopathy” to UK students from various colleges and i affiliated with following institutes:

He runs regular “Sitting in” and Charity clinics for Homeopathic students in UK.