About Dr.Nikunj Trivedi

Dr. Nikunj Trivedi established Arti Clinic in 1980. Dr. Trivedi and his wife, Dr. Amita Trivedi, built and moved to practicing at their multi-disciplinary homeopathic hospital in Gujarat (India) in 1985. Dr Nikunj always sets patient’s homeopathic treatment protocol by evaluating the patient in systematic way – he checks for necessary medical test results and clinical examinations, if necessary and followed by asking questions to the patient to match homeopathic constitutional remedies to the patient’s condition. 

In over 30 years of clinical practice, Dr. Nikunj has developed Dr Nikunj Trivedi’s Treatment Protocols, a novel method of homeopathic treatment where Dr. Trivedi applies contemporary medical tests and related clinical examinations to investigate deranged pathology. He prescribes Homeopathic medicine after considering the patient’s constitution; symptom based clinical examination and deranged pathology (specific medical test for specific disease). 

Disease + Symptomology →Specific Clinical Examination →Find Deranged Pathology with help of Modern Medical Tests →selection of combination of remedies → Restoring Abnormal Pathology →Treatment / Relief

Dr Nikunj Trivedi’s protocol of treatment is not classical homeopathy. He prescribes combination of remedies with same potency based on patient’s constitution and using his clinical experience and observation. His prescriptions are customised for each patient. Dr Nikunj Trivedi’s Protocol is personalised and backed by clinical investigations, so it helps to restore abnormal pathology. Patients are not required take treatment for a prolonged period. The treatment can also be taken as a complementary therapy alongside conventional medicine.

Dr Nikunj is practicing Homeopathy since 1980. He has treated wide spectrum of patients from all over the world and given numerous lectures at various institutes. Dr Nikunj Trivedi was valued lecturer at the Homeopathy Medical College Anand, Gujarat, India. Homeopathy medical education is important part of Arti Clinic. Dr Nikunj has been conducting clinical training courses since 1990 at his clinic which have been attended by many Homeopaths & they are successfully practicing Homeopathy in different part of world.

Dr Nikunj is Fellow of British Institute of Homeopathy (UK)
Fellow of Royal Society for Promotion of Health (UK)
Fellow of Homeopathy Medical Association (UK)
Collaborator of RadarOpus

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What our patients say...

We have been visiting Dr Nikunj Trivedi for over 10 years at the Arti clinic in Leicester for various medical reasons. I would recommend this health service to anyone who has chronic or any acute illnesses as this has made a huge impact on my life. I have had several treatments from this Dr for a variety of illnesses. One of my first conditions that I had was that I was unable to walk due to the severity of pain that I had in my hip which limited me to do a lot of things. By getting this homeopathic treatment from Dr Nikunj for several months it made a huge difference to my life as I was able to walk normally again. 'It felt like a miracle. ' Ive also had other various conditions such as lichen planus which is a non infectious disease that causes rashes in parts of the body, in my circumstance it was my mouth where I was unable to eat certain foods and spices. Also my husband who was recently been diagnosed with mouth ulcers is undergoing homeopathic treatment by Dr Nikunj and already has made a huge difference where it is in the process of improving. Additionally I would like to add that I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is suffering from a variety of conditions as its made a big difference to mine and my husbands life. But not also becuase of the treatment but to say a big thank you to Dr Nikunj and his wife for all their support and kindness they have shown everytime we have visited.Thanku.
Mrs As-Preston


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Dr Nikunj Trivedi is a medically qualified Homeopath. He has been practicing homeopathy since 1980. He was awarded Gold medal form his University in recognition of his academic achievement....
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Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine. Homeopathy as it is practised today was established in the late 18th & early 19th century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy is based on three.....
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Matreia Medica of Sexual Disorders
By Dr Nikunj Trivedi
ISBN: 978-1-4269-5823-7
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